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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ernie Jr.'s Taco House

Ernie Jr.'s Taco House
2803 W Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 256-1298

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Ernie Jr.'s Taco House has been around since I believe 1950 but moved to its present location in about 1973. Not much has changed since then except now the old cigarette machine no longer works and has a "Do Not Touch" sign on it. But if you want to step into 1973 then step in to Ernie Jr.'s Taco House for a meal.

Ernie Jr.'s Taco House Signage

Ernie Jr.'s is near my uncle's house and is one of a few places that we tend to pick from to eat at when we meet for a meal. He remembers the old location too and you can see a picture of it on their wall if you want to check out an example of intriguing mid-century architecture. Right next to said picture is a framed copy of one of their older menus from years gone by. Don't look at it if you don't want a reminder of how much prices in general have gone up since then.

Ernie Jr.'s Taco House Fountain and Painting

Still, Ernie's has pretty good prices as far as Los Angeles Mexican restaurants go but we try to go there when they have their specials available:

Ernie Jr.'s Taco House Specials


Ernie's To Go menu can be seen here. Your order can then be called in to (323) 256-1298 or faxed in to (323) 256-1231.

Ernie Jr.'s Taco House Interior

A Little Secret

I didn't know if I should mention this or not but there's a busboy that I see there all the time who has an awesome afro. I just found a picture of him at Yelp with the caption, "The afro guy everyone loves." This guy rules. He's very quiet and always diligently doing his job. He's not a waiter so I don't know if he gets tips but he should just for being awesome.

Ernie Jr.'s Taco House - Chips and Salsa

I went for the pork tamale and carnitas taco combo. Just like the building it's housed in, Ernie Jr.'s food will remind you of Mexican food from the mid-1970's, nothing too intriguing, lots of sauce and lots of cheese:

Ernie Jr.'s Taco House - Tamale and Taco Combo

I ordered the bunuelos for dessert but it was actually more like deep-fried ice cream:

Ernie Jr.'s Taco House - Bunuelos


There's sufficient free parking outside but most of it is on an incline so you may need to watch your step when you get out of your vehicle.

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