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Friday, May 8, 2009

Tito's Tacos (Culver City)

Tito's Tacos
11222 Washington Pl
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 391-5780

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Tito's Tacos - Entrance Sign

So now we come to Tito's Tacos, the infamous Tito's Tacos. Tito's Tacos has a huge cult following and a love-it-or-hate-it reputation on the Internet.

Tito's Tacos - Side View

Tito's has been feeding crowds of hungry people since 1959. This is the type of place you don't go to alone; not because it's not safe but because it's more about enjoying the usually average food in the company of good friends. The whole menu can be seen in the next photo. The lines here are so long you will have plenty of time to peruse the menu and figure out exactly what you want when you finally get a chance to order.

Tito's Tacos - Menu Board

Unique Item

A unique item at Tito's Tacos, as far as what Mexican restaurants usually have, is their Chili con Carne.

You get your food in open-faced cardboard boxes whether you're eating in or taking it with you and they always throw in some complimentary chips and salsa. You can see from the photo that the taco is in a crisp shell with shredded beef and a bunch of lettuce:

Tito's Tacos - Chips and Taco

Cheese actually costs extra, so keep in mind you're not going to get cheese for your taco unless you pay fifty cents more. Maybe this is where they make their money. And here's an actual photograph of the people at the table next to my party's table:

Tito's Tacos - Painting #1

Though people fight about its merits all the time I am fine with categorizing Tito's Tacos as good "picnic food." I'm pretty sure their recipes haven't changed since 1959 and with so many people buying their food why ruin a good thing?

Tito's Tacos - More Food

Here's an enchilada and a tamale:

Tito's Tacos - Even More Food


There's a couple different parking options at Tito's but with their popularity it can be a little hard to find a spot. There seems to be some metered parking and some free parking. Just make sure you don't park in a spot that is reserved for one of the other nearby restaurants or you may come out to find your car towed.

When you leave Tito's you can be as happy as this guy:

Tito's Tacos - Painting #2


Del Taco Bowls

Drove through a Del Taco drive-thru the other day and saw that they are now offering, at least at this location, a new Chicken Enchilada Bowl and a Cheesy Chicken Bowl.

If you see these at your local Del Taco and/or have tried them let us know by leaving a comment. Also, you can read our extensive coverage of Del Taco/Naugles in Orange County here.