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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

East L.A. Meets Napa

Here are some pictures I took at the recent East L.A. Meets Napa event held at Union Station and sponsored by Alta Med, provider of health services to the underserved population (that might be me right now in my unemployed/underemployed/uninsured state), where Latino restaurants from East L.A. had their food paired with fine wine selections to show that Latino food doesn't have to be served with just beer or tequila. Even as somebody who doesn't drink alcohol there was still a lot of great food, from spicy Oaxacan cheeses, to stewed lamb, to refreshing ceviches, and artisan flans and Jell-O's (from Attila the Flan, an online comic turned into a dessert; read their site for more info). Rivera Restaurant was also a big hit with their handmade tortillas with edible flowers pressed into them.

Also got to see some other food bloggers there, including Wandering Chopsticks, Javier the Teenage Glutster, and Bill of Street Gourmet LA).

CLICK HERE for a much bigger version of the slideshow.

Back to Attila the Flan, I have found that they have YouTube videos up of people emphatically declaring that they hate flan . . . until they try flan from Attila the Flan. Here's one such video:

Their YouTube channel is here.


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